Sunday, 20 January 2013

Worthy Mentions of 2012

Though they did not make my shortlist but I love these amazing hacks as well. They are among the most interesting, functional and well-crafted in 2012. Hope you like them as much as I do. Here goes:

Condo Perfect baby changing table - collapses to hide behind a door, flips open for a full sized changing table.

Lack shelf into coffee table - Great new use of the ubiquitous shelves. And nothing is wasted.

Besta photobooth - Out of the box, out in the field. And it takes photos.

Expedit reshuffled - Just a little tweak but it made the Expedit so much more gorgeous.

LEGO dining table - Two of my favourite brands together. Love, love.

A serious table for kids - Adjustable table for the would-be Frank Lloyd Wright.

Customised glass splashback - Kitchen magic from Rationell glass shelves and wallpaper.

Remove control storage Lack - A hack every home seriously needs.

Blanda Matt sings - Sexy speakers with all the right curves.

Work in a Box - Opens into a workstation, closes to hide everything.

Mandal LEGO storage - A fabulous storage system and so easy to do.

Space age TV - Because I love The Jetsons.

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