Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Expedit Closet - Small Walk-in

Materials: Expedit 1x5 (2), Expedit 2x4 (2), Lack Wall Shelf (43.25"), 1x2" cleats, Closet rod / shelf brackets (4), closet rods (2), closet rod flange set (2)

Description: When we built our house 3 years ago, I had the builder finish out the larger of two closets in the master bedroom with standard wire shelving, knowing that I would finish the remaining closet myself at a later time. It became a storage place for boxes and bags, and so over the Christmas holidays I decided it was time for renovation.

While PAX is great for apartments or lofts where closets per-se do not exist, Expedit is a great choice for completing existing closets. I have just under $500 in this whole project.


- order extra mounting bracket "kits" for Expedit so as to use them in all four corners. Only 2 are provided with the unit. If the parts section at the IKEA store stores does not have them, they will order them for you.

- mount units off of the floor to allow for vacuuming and to give a more open look.


Rear wall - Expedit 1x5 mounted vertical against left wall 10" off carpet. Supported by cleat under bottom and normal wall mount brackets in all 4 corners. Additional Cleats were then run for mounting 2 levels of closet rods - upper cleat and upper closet brackets need to be flush with top of Expedit (important). Flange sets installed after rod was in place - not to support weight but to give finished look to the rod. Another Expedit 1x5 laid horizontal on top of first Expedit 1x5 and resting on cleat and closet rod brackets (this is why flush is important).

Right wall - Expedit 2x4 mounted horizontal 18" off carpet (cleat and 4 brackets) - provides good height for folding clothes on top of Expedit. Shelf added above - high enough to not bump your head.

Left wall - Expedit 2x4 mounted vertically 10" off of carpet (cleat and 4 brackets).

I am very happy with the result - it does make you feel "closed in" in the small walk-in closet, which is what I really wanted to avoid.

~ Kevin Wilson, South Carolina

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